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Friday, June 15, 2018

The Great Book Giveaway Mission

Being that this blog has existed for almost 10 years, I've accumulated a LOT of books. Hundreds and hundreds. Currently, they're sitting at my mom's house in Florida, 2000 miles away from me :( But, fear not because I am making frequent trips home to see the fam, and as part of those trips I will be carting books back with me to NYC by the backpack-ful.

My desire is to read the ones that have been sitting on my TBR pile for these long years and give them away to you all. I also would like to go through the books I have already read and clear our the ones I may not want to keep anymore, also to be given away to you guys.

What does that mean? It means I will be giving away roughly 400 books this year. I doubt I'll be able to finish the endeavor by the end of 2018, but my goal is to make a sizeable dent both in the TBR pile, and in the amount of books total that are given away. I'll be giving away entire series, as well as some older ARCs and some other cool stuff.

So, make sure to keep checking back! For now, I'll be having 1 giveaway a week, but as I bring more books with me to NYC that will increase in frequency pretty quickly.

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