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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Review: Black Ops Fae by C.N. Crawford @CN_Crawford

Black Ops Fae
Pages: 266
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Genre: Urban Fantasy
#2 in Series
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Disguises are second nature at this point, and I'm used to keeping my powers concealed. But when a lethal angel starts coming after me, my cover is blown.

In my escape, I’ve found an unlikely ally in Adonis—the dangerously seductive angel of death. With him by my side, I’m going undercover again. I just have to pretend to be his simpering, idiot lover--while secretly collecting intelligence from a psychotic god of war. One I have to pretend to actually admire.

If I don’t find the info I need, I’m dead at the hands of a whole horde of angels—and the apocalypse really begins.
Quick Thoughts


This is the sequel to Covert Fae, and I will start off by saying that at this point, one thing that bugs me is the titles of these books. "Black ops fae" just sounds awkward to me, and honestly doesn't fit the theme of the book. She's not working for the CIA, she's literally just disguising herself to not die.

Anyhoo, titles aside, I really enjoyed reading Black Ops Fae. Much more so than the first, and I chalk that up to the world-building and characterization being done in the first book, so this book had much more of a focus on action which is always a plus for me.

In terms of plot, I did feel that the ending was predictable but I enjoyed the lead up to it. Ruby is now teaming up with Adonis, who is pretty smokin' tbh, to figure out a solution to this whole mess. Ruby's finding out that the people she thought she could trust really don't have her back, and the ones she thought she should hate were the ones who would give their lives for her safety.

The romance was simmering and steamy, and always left me wanting just a bit more of it. That's the aspect of this book that really made it stand out more than the first one, because let's be honest I'm a sucker for romance.

What I'll say is that this is a good series. It's not great, but overall I enjoyed the ride. I'm not sure whether the authors plan on continuing it as the ending seemed to be pretty wrapped up, but we'll see!

You can purchase Black Ops Fae on Amazon as a paperback, or Kindle (available on Kindle Unlimited!)

About the Author
C. N. Crawford is not one person but two. We write our novels collaboratively, passing our laptops back and forth to edit each other's words.

Christine (C) has a lifelong interest in New England folklore - with a particular fondness for creepy old cemeteries. Nick (N) spent his childhood reading fantasy and science fiction which may partly explain why he is also a scientist.
Website | Twitter | Facebook
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