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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Let's RE-Discuss: Why don't you like spoilers?

Let's RE-Discuss is a post series in which I will revive old discussion posts from the archives of my blog and see if I still agree with myself. 
Spoilers–why so taboo?

In 2014, I wrote a blog post about spoilers explaining that I actually prefer to be spoiled a lot of the time, and I didn't quite understand why people got so up in arms about them.

I re-read this article and I realized nothing has changed except now I'm even more on board for spoilers being a common place thing!

I wrote:
Just because I know that something does in fact happen, that doesn't mean know how or even why it happens. The "who what when where how and why" are what make things interesting for me, not the facts. So you can tell me "[insert character name here] dies" and that tells me absolutely nothing other than said character is in fact dead. How did they die? Who killed them? Why were they killed? What were the events in their life leading up to their death? All these are questions that can only be fully and completely answered by reading the book.
I couldn't agree more with myself! This was especially pertinent during the Avengers: Infinity War craze and people were getting pissed at spoilers being posted so soon after the movie first came out. Here's my thing: knowing that someone died does not equate to watching an entire 2 hour movie. Same for a novel, knowing one plot point doesn't equate to reading a whole entire book.

Maybe I'm crazy. I totally could be. But I enjoy spoilers, and I think they shouldn't be so hated.

What do you think?

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