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Monday, June 11, 2018

Review: To Enthrall the Demon Lord by Nadine Mutas @NadineMutas

To Enthrall the Demon Lord 
Pages: 348
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Genre: Paranormal romance
#4 in Series
Source: Purchased
Warning: Contains a hero who’s Tall, Dark, and Possessive, and may melt your heart as well as your reading device. Handle with care and a bucket of ice water nearby. And maybe some tissues.

His hunger for power knows no bounds…until she binds his heart.

To keep an ill-fated bargain, witch Maeve MacKenna surrenders herself to the scheming Demon Lord Arawn. He’s dangerous, arrogant, ruthless, and dominant–everything she should despise in a male, especially after the torture by another demon left scars on her body and soul. She should tremble with terror in Arawn’s presence. So why does he make her shiver for entirely different reasons? And awaken parts of her body she believed numb after her assault?

Arawn gets what Arawn wants. But when the witch he’s been coveting–for the ancient magic bound inside her–walks into his lair, what should have been simple and straightforward becomes uncomfortably complicated as his interest in her…shifts. A dance of power and attraction begins amid a looming outside threat–because Maeve is not the only one with an age-old force stirring inside her, and the Demon Lord’s rivals are all-too eager to seize that kind of power…
Quick Thoughts



I. Don't. Have. Words.


Holy freaking hot hot hot hot HOT fire. I've already mentioned that Nadine Mutas is hands down my favorite author at this point–this book absolutely solidified that. It would take a miracle to unseat Nadine Mutas at this point. Since this is the 4th book in the series, I'm not going to say much about that plot because I wouldn't want to spoil something and upset someone.

But, I will say that, as always, the characterization and world building is ON POINT.

Maeve's pain and trauma are palpable, but it just makes it that much more satisfying watching her evolve and learn to cope with some of her trauma. I really appreciate how respective Mutas was on the topic of Maeve's PTSD, while still able to accurately portray what it's like living in the aftermath of horrific assault.

And then there's Arawn.

He's the hottest one so far. And all the men in this series are smoking hot, but Arawn is UNTOUCHABLE.

If you want some of the best romance/smut you've ever read, READ THIS SERIES.

I told you I didn't have any words. I'm just going to let the gifs speak for themselves, even though I really don't like using too many gifs to substitute words. I don't really have another choice right now. I'll end this review by letting you know that I literally read this book during work just so I didn't have to stop reading–I downloaded the Kindle app onto my phone and positioned it next to my computer monitor so I could look like I was working, but was actually reading! It's that freaking good.

You can purchase To Enthrall the Demon Lord  as a paperback, or Kindle copy

About the Author
Polyglot Nadine Mutas has always loved tangling with words, whether in her native tongue German or in any of the other languages she’s acquired over the years. The more challenging, the better, she thought, and thus she studied the languages of South Asia and Japan. She worked at a translation agency for a short while, putting to use her knowledge of English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Hindi.
Before long, though, her lifelong passion for books and words eventually drove her to give voice to those story ideas floating around in her brain (which have kept her up at night and absent-minded at inopportune times). She now writes paranormal romances with wickedly sensual heroes and the fiery heroines who tame them. Her debut novel, Blood, Pain, and Pleasure, has won several awards for excellence in unpublished romance, and she’s furiously working on the next installments in the Tales of Blood and Magic series.
She currently resides in Oregon with her college sweetheart, beloved little demon spawn, and two black cats hellbent on cuddling her to death (Clarification: Both her husband and kid prefer her alive. The cats, she’s not so sure about.).

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