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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Author Interview + {GIVEAWAY!}: Addison Moore

Addison Moore

Paranormal YA writer of the Celestra book series. Often fueled by Dr. Pepper.

First, thank you SO much for hosting me!!!

1. Okay, so first things first. Can you tell the readers a bit about yourself?

OK, but try not to fall asleep. I have four kids, three boys and a girl. I have a wonderful husband who is an amazing support in all I do. Plus, we’re insanely busy. The kids see to that. And have I mentioned I write, a lot??

2. How did you get started in writing? What was the publishing process like for you?

I’ve always written. It’s just been my go-to relaxation method, that, and reading. I think if I had my way I’d do nothing but read and write and of course eat chocolate. It’s not that I mind reality, it’s just that I prefer fantasy about 90% of the time. (I jest. A little.)

3. Celestra has been optioned for a film by 20th Century Fox! What’s that like? How did you feel when you first got the news?

Oh, hearing the news was amazing! It was really strange because it just came out of left field. It was a normal summer day and I had just finished running around with the kids and I got the call from my literary agent. The entire phone call was a blur. I didn’t get to announce it for another 6 months! (And yes, even though I’m an indie I still keep ties with my agent. I love her.)

4. There are quite a few books out in the Celestra series now, but, looking ahead, what other things do you have planned?

I have a ton of new series planned. I have The Countenance which will debut in just a few short weeks on the heels of EXPEL (Celestra Book 6) and two more series that I plan to reveal this year. I really wish I had the super power of writing and editing faster!

Fun questions!

5. Imagine you’re in a hot tub with 5 of the most delicious YA hotties you can think of. Who are they?

Gah! Don’t tell my husband!! Of course I need Logan, Gage and Marshall, and besides them I’d chose Patch and Gale. ;) OK, maybe Peeta, too.

6. If you could pick someone to play Skyla in the movie, who would it be?

Honestly I have such a specific face in mind when I see her that no one comes close. Maybe Blake Lively?

Thank you so much for the super fun interview!! I hope you’ll let me stop by again. :)

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  1. Oh my goodness! I love love love this series! Right now, I'm on book 3 and I can't get enough of it.

  2. Someone ethereal? I don't know..I'm always imagining Cate Blanchett or Nicole Kidman.

  3. Ethereal has been on my to-read list for a while now. I would love to read it. It sounds like an amazing book. Thank You for the contest.

  4. Loved it! I read it so fast and discovered what an amazing author Addison Moore is. Have loved each of her books since!

  5. It's on my tbr-pile and the cover is so dramatic to look at! I loved it!

  6. I've heard about Ethereal before and always thought it sounded awesome. What's not to love about angels? Anyway, thanks for the giveaway and congrats to Addison Moore on her book being optioned to become a film!
    Rachel C.


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