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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: Shaken by Susan Hatler

Shaken by Susan Hatler
Pages: 255
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: YA Paranormal

High school junior, Kylie Bates, can suddenly read minds. When she touches people’s hands, she’s able to see their deepest thoughts. As if that’s not freaky enough, her dad sends her to help hottie detective, Sam Williams, track down a missing girl. Way too much pressure, especially for a girl who can’t watch Scream without getting nightmares.

Then, finding the missing girl leads to much more than Kylie’s prepared for. Like discovering that her dad has been lying to her. That she has a family she never knew about. That the girls have powers similar to hers. Oh yeah, and that someone is out to get her.

When the detective’s teenage wanna-be-cop cousin, Trip Williams, approaches Kylie at school insisting she help him solve the case, she discovers Trip might be the only one she can trust, and the only one to help her unravel the secrets behind her mysterious gift.
Words cannot even begin to describe just how much I LOVE Shaken by Susan Hatler! It's the kind of book you don't come across very often in YA. It was just so, so good.

Where do I even start? I'll start with the main character, Kylie. The main character is always a make or break thing for me. If the main character isn't good, the book isn't good. But I really liked Kylie! I found her easily relatable as a teenage girl, dealing with boy and best friend troubles. And when she found out things were getting weird for her, she didn't freak out or lose control. She handled everything really well.

This book actually threw me for quite the loop! I had no idea where it was headed, and the ending completely took me by surprise. I did not see it coming at all, and usually I'll have an inkling of where books will go. I have to give Susan major props for that!

Okay, let's get to my favorite part of this novel...


Oh, I do love Trip! He was perfect, there honestly isn't anything I could say about him that the gif above doesn't already. I knew from the moment we first met him that he was going to be sexy as all hells. But, whoo boy!

I need a sequel RIGHT NOW!

I give Shaken 5 out of 5 stars.
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  1. Thx, Ashley! So glad you enjoyed it. Can't wait to get the second in the series out sometime in 2013. :)


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