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Friday, April 6, 2012

Review: Lore by Kimberly Spencer

Lore by Kimberly Spencer
Pages: 16
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: YA Fantasy

Long before Lauren escaped to the mortal realm and fell in love with Dermott, she was simply known as Lore, the daughter of Morgen Le Fae. This short tale covers the role she played in the betrayal and murder of the Lady of the Lake.
I read and reviewed Shimmerspell, the first book in this series, a while back, and enjoyed it, but I felt it could have been longer and wanted to get more of the story. So, when I saw that Lore was a short story in between Shimmerspell and the second book in the series, I quickly snapped it up and read it. It is a short story, after all, so it didn't take a long time to read.

Lore was interesting, because it gives us some background into the world of Jensen's mother. (By the way, Jensen is the main character of the series.) This series is based off of Arthurian legend, so it's pretty unique. Arthurian legend isn't very popular in YA, and while the Shimmerspell trilogy is too fast-paced, it's still well written with a good voice. I recommend this is you want to get a feel for the series, but don't want to spend a lot of your time reading in case you don't like it.

I give this 4 stars.


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