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Saturday, April 21, 2012

{Blog Tour + Giveaway}: Author Guest Post- Heather Hildenbrand

Whisper by Heather Hildenbrand
Genre: Actually, not entirely sure
Publisher: Accendo Press

The Cherokee believe when a person dies, their soul is reborn. Life is repeated. An endless cycle of lessons to be learned, love to be found, destiny to be fulfilled. For the past six months, in every flower, every bird, I’ve imagined my parents, relieved of their human forms.

Now, after five months at the Skye View Wellness Center, it was summer. A time for parties and friends, but that’s the last thing I want to do. So when my best friend Erin convinces me to attend a bonfire at Eagle Point, I can’t handle the crowd full of sympathetic stares or drunken class clowns who would use my tragedy as a way into my heart – or my pants. The solitude of the woods offers an escape, until I stumble upon a boy, unconscious and bleeding, his pockets stuffed not with identification but with poetry illustrating the beauty of dying. I’ve seen enough death. I will not leave this boy’s side.

Even after he wakes, when the only thing he can remember are visions of events that haven’t happened yet…
Animal lover – Fact. I do love animals, although it’s probably not on the level of Whisper’s passion. My sister, though, was a lot like that. She wanted to be a vet when she grew up and actually worked as a vet tech for a few years before the injuries got to be too much. You get attacked a lot when you’re trying to give a crabby cat an IV! I know they look cute, but they’re mean when they’re scared!


Actually, when my sis got the rough draft for Whisper and began reading (my sis is one of my BEST beta readers) she called me and was like “ummm, there are a LOT of similarities from our childhood in here! Even me and the vet thing!” Yeah, sis, I know. #onpurposedoll

If you want to win an ebook of Whisper, leave a comment saying what your favorite animal is. Remember to put your email! 


  1. Ashley, thanks for hosting and I love the fav animal idea. My fav animal (though you don't have to enter me for my own book) - Elephants!!!! I am in love with elephants, and I want one as a pet. Like now. If only I could convince my husband....

  2. This book sounds amazing!
    Hmmm, favorite animal. Can I pick two? It's a tie between dolphins and crows. Thanks for the giveaway!

    chell (dot) c (dot) cam (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. My favorite animals are horses! They are so beautiful and elegant:)

  4. Ooh, animals are always such a great topic! Although I won't be entering the giveaway, I wish all the entrants the best of luck. :) The book sounds fabulous, and I hope you've had a wonderful time participating in the blog tour, Ashley!

  5. I like all kinds of animals but especially puppies and dogs. They are adorable and oh so loyal.

  6. Dogs. :) I like all kinds of animals, but the top two are dogs and cats, and of those two dogs win.

  7. My favorite animal is dogs. I love them, they are so cute and fluffy and loving. And they are always happy to see you.

  8. Took me time for you to go through all the reviews, although I seriously loved this content. That turned out to be Worthwhile in my experience

  9. Hey there – I must say, I am impressed with your website. I had no trouble navigating through all the tabs and the info was very simple to access. I found what I needed in no time at all. Pretty awesome.


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