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Monday, July 25, 2011

This Is Teen Signing RECAP: Libba Bray, Maggie Stiefvater & Meg Cabot

On Saturday, July 23rd, Libba Bray, Maggie Stiefvater, and Meg Cabot all came down to the Books & Books in Miami for the final This Is Teen event, and I was lucky enough to attend. I got there at about 6:30 (the event started at 7) and the place was already majorly packed! There were tons of people. The event was in this big room, and they had rows and rows of seats. When it started, just about every seat was filled, and I"m pretty sure that there were people standing too!
Me in my seat WAY in the back. I had just gotten there.
When I walked in, I recognized Harmony from Harmony's Radiant Reads and we talked for a good while about books and all that great stuff. It was so awesome to meet her, she is super great. Check out her blog! :) (I'm bummed I didn't get a picture with her, but hopefully next time!)

Maggie Stiefvater (this pic was taken with my phone,
 sorry it's crappy)
Finally, at around 7:10, the 3 wonderful ladies filed in and took their seats up front. Of course, there was a lot of cheering and screeching (a lot of it coming from me, lol). Maggie took the mic first, and started telling us some hilarious stories. She had everyone laughing so hard! (My mom said that Maggie should moonlight as a comedienne in her spare time, haha.) She asked if anyone cried at movies or books, and when a lot of people said yes she said "Well, I don't. Ever." And then she said that when she was rereading The Time Traveler's Wife for the second time, even though she knew how it ended, knew exactly what was going to happen, she started crying. "And not that single tear drop that makes your husband say 'Aw, you're so cute when you cry!' No, this was that ugly, snotty crying that makes your husband say 'Why do you do this to yourself?!' And later, when I was getting over it, and I was moving on, I thought: 'I want to write a book that ruins someone's evening like that." And that's why she wrote Shiver, lol. Oh, Maggie.

Then she told us why she writes about wolves. But, she would like to clarify that she doesn't write about werwolves. "When they're wolves, they're just normal wolves. And when they're humans, they're just emo kids who read German poetry." She told us the story of her encounter with stunt wolves in Budapest (you know, wolves that they use in movies and stuff). That was an even longer story, so I'm not going to type it out.

Meg Cabot
Then Meg Cabot took the mic next and told us about how she started writing stories. When she was younger, she loved to draw, and felt more comfortable showing her drawings to people than her stories. Then when her dad died, she realized it didn't matter what people thought about her work, just that she tried to get it out there, so she sent her work out to as many people as she could and got rejected "every day for 3 years, except for Sundays and Christmas, because the mail doesn't come on those days." And then one day her mom called and said that she was dating Meg's old art teacher, "The one who didn't like my unicorn drawing." That gave her the idea to write a story about a girl whose mom is was dating her teacher, which ended up being the best selling Princess Diaries series. 

Meg then proceeded to blow all of our minds with the best reenactment EVER of Kristin Stewart's acting in the Breaking Dawn trailer when she feels something move in her stomach. I didn't get a picture of that, but trust me, it was amazing. To which the mic was handed to Libba, who said the awesome pun "Is it Breaking Dawn, or Breaking Water?"

It was Libba's turn to talk, and she told us a hilarious story of when she was 15 and at the pool with her friend and tried to impress some hot guys but ended up bashing her face against the metal railing as she tried to sexily dive in. I know, it sounds harsh, but trust me, when Libba said it we were all cracking up, haha. She then did an awesome Mad Libs with us to describe her book, Beauty Queens, to us, with some totally hilarious results. If a novel called "Eat. Pray. Thrust." or "Accountants: Some of Us Are Not People" comes out soon by Libba, that's because of the weird answers that were shouted out during this time.

All 3 of them there up front.
Then there was an open Q & A session with all three authors. Some pretty good questions were asked too. I think the first one was "Who is your ideal reader?" The authors asked for clarification and the girl who asked the question said "Like, Stephen King says that his wife Tabitha is his ideal reader. She reads all his work and tells him if it's good or not, and she even saved some books from the garbage. So who is your ideal reader?"

Libba: "Tabitha King"
Meg: "Tabitha King"
Maggie: "ME."

Another question was "Who was your favorite character to write?"

Libba: "From the Gemme Doyle trilogy, it would have to be Miss Moore. I don't want to spoil anything, but it she was an interesting character. And from Beauty Queens, it would be either Taylor or Petra, those two surprised me."
Meg: "From Abandon, it would be John. He's very tortured and messed up." {I might be paraphrasing a bit there.} Meg also said something about one of her adult series, but I unfortunately didn't catch it.
Maggie: "Definitely Cole St. Clare. He started off as a... well, you know." {I do believe she meant something along the lines of "douchebag" or "asshole"} "And by the end of the series, he wasn't one that much anymore. He grew a lot."

Question for Libba: "How did you come up with all the weird things in our books? Like in 'Beauty Queens' you have Christian Pole Dancing, and I thought that was hilarious!"

Libba: "Well, I grew up in a family where people would just walk by and yell out things that didn't really make sense... and then something would randomly catch on fire. I also grew up with Monty Python and {another title of something that I can't remember right now} so I never notice what's weird or not. Like someone will say to me "Going Bovine is about a kid who has Mad Cow disease and he  meets a punk angel who is addicted to sugar..." and I'll say, "Yeah, what's weird about that?" I don't notice the weird because, to me, it's not weird."

There were a few more questions, but honestly I can't remember them. But that's about the gist of it. And then Meg, Libba, and Maggie all played the Newly Wed Game, where they had to see who knew the most about each other by answering questions. Meg won, and got a hula grass skirt and a flower crown. :)

After that, the signing started. The line was HUGE. I got my stuff signed by Maggie first. :)
Maggie signing my book
Maggie and I
Then I got Meg to sign my stuff.
Meg and I
And lastly I got in line for Libba. Her line was the longest, she was super sweet and really took her time talking to everyone individually. She even asked me about my blog! :)
Libba signing my book
Libba and I
I went home after that. It was such a great night, it was worth all the waiting. And it was my first author signing ever! :)

Did anyone else go? Or have you met Libba, Maggie, or Meg at any other time?


  1. Boo, it sucks we couldn't talk for longer >.<
    Darn parents, rushing me!
    Next time :)

  2. This sounds so awesome! I'm totally jealous but then again, I appreciate you sharing all of this with us! I wish more authors came to my part of the country lol :)


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