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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cover Reveal: SHATTER ME by Tahereh Mafi

The cover for Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi has been revealed on!

Here it is!

What do you think of it? Personally, I love it! It looks amazing, and that light effect in the background actually isn't a computer effect. It's real light! How cool is that?


  1. Not really a fan of this one. I'm getting a bit tired of the pretty girl in pretty dress thing. Can't they come up with something a little more creative? Especially with an awesome premise and title like Shatter Me has.

  2. Yep, looks amazing. The girl is really intense :-)

  3. Ooh, and congrats on the new look :-) It looks different, more sophisticated. Loving it!!! xoxo

  4. @Khadija, I totally get what you're saying with the pretty girl in dress thing. It is becoming way overdone. But when I read the story behind the effects in this one, there's no way I can NOT love it.

    Thanks Ramona and Frosy! :)


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