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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: Shimmerspell by Kimberly Spencer

Shimmerspell by Kimberly Spencer
Pages: 83
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Source: E-book
When sixteen-year-old Jensen Meadows finds herself caught in the middle of an ancient faerie war, she soon learns that faeries aren't made of sparkly goodness. They're vicious. And worse, they're after her. With the help of Liam Casey, she delves into their world to find her missing sister and begins to suspect that her whole life has been nothing more than a faerie tale.

But maybe some truths should never be revealed...
I really, really want to give this book a higher rating than 3 stars, because I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I can't. While Shimmerspell had an intriguing concept and a descriptive and witty writing style that flowed well, the plot was everywhere, and I was confused frequently. It started off in a good place, but by the next few chapters, things happened so quickly that I wondered what had just happened. There wasn't enough time to process what was happening before something else monumental happened. It was a bit of information overload. The best way to explain it is that Shimmerspell is basically a really great novel fast forwarded.

Because of the rapid-fire plot, I couldn't connect to any of the characters. I liked Jensen, but again, it all comes back to the fact that these huge revelations were made about her, which little explanation, and then the story kept moving on. So I wasn't able to get a feel for her. Her infatuation with Liam was also pretty rushed; there wasn't any build up to it. Suddenly, they were kissing and I was like "When did this happen?"

That aside, Shimmerspell has the potential to be a really great novel. Really great. All it needs is editing and rewriting, more explanation and a slower pace, and it could be a smash! There wasn't anything wrong with it, per se, it just needed more.

It's really difficult to explain why I liked/didn't like Shimmerspell, and I feel like I didn't make much sense in this review. Honestly, the only way you'll be able to fully understand what I mean is if you read it for yourself, and then hopefully you'll agree that it was good, but it could've been so much better. I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Oh, I can understand why you had issues with this one. I hadn't heard of this one before, but the cover doesn't really appeal to me.


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