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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Major Reading Slump

I am in a major reading slump.I've tried everything to get out of it, but nothing has worked. I haven't finished a book in several days, since school started, I think. I've started about 10 books, and gotten maybe 50 pages into them, but I always put them down. What can I do? I've gone the past few days without reading at all, hoping to wipe the slate clean. But whenever I think, "Okay, how about I read a little bit right now?" I always reply "Uhhh... no." (Yes, I do talk to myself, lol.)

What do I do? Anyone have any ideas?


  1. I was in one of those for about two days this week. I usually get into those because I read a book that i love, and then I just can't imagine picking up another book for several days. Maybe it would help to look at the books that you need to read and start looking at other people's reviews of them and look for one with a lot of good reviews. Or if you'd like a recommendation, if you haven't read Anna and the French Kiss, the Iron Fey Series or Divergent you really should they are all great books that I adore.

  2. I'm always in a book slump when i can't come across any book i really like. Usually I try rereading a book I really like, so as to get me in the mood again.

  3. Maybe try reading a book you've already read but you absolutely love?

  4. Read a really exciting book. Most of the ones I can think of are dystopias - The Hunger Games, Blood Red Road, Enclave, maybe All These Things I've Done. Aim for a quick, fun read.

  5. Hey !

    It happens to me when I have too much books to read in a short amount of time. It's often when I have my finals coming up and I want to read before working on them or when I'm in holidays and I want to read as much as possible before school. It's always the same thing : I spend my time checking the page count, I can get to finishing one....

    Until (and those above me said it already) : I find the right one. I recently read "The DUFF" (I'm french and the only english books I get are via amazon....) and i LOVED it. A really great book on so many levels.

    But maybe you can't get to finish one because.... you know to need to read them.

    Anyway, you don't want to read ? So don't read ;) Reading should only be fun, right ?

  6. I like to reread a favorite book of mine when I'm in a slump, or sometimes I'll read a book about books in order to get excited about reading again and get a number of good recommendations at the same time. My favorite book memoir is So Many Books, So Little Time by Sara Nelson about the author's goal to read a book a week for a year. It's never failed to get me out of a slump. There's even a chapter in there about the author going through something similar.

  7. Reread a book that is a personal favorite--bonus points if you havent't read it in a long time.

  8. What I like to do is re-read a favourite book of mine. You know that kind of book that after you finish it you want to read ten more. But don't worry it'll go away. :)


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