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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Discussion: YA Love Triangles & Why the Best Man Never Wins (told in gifs)

Love triangles. We all know them. Some of us hate them. But they're unavoidable. YA fiction feeds off of love triangles--honestly, if it weren't for them, half the books that are published today would barely have a plot. They're just an accepted fact. (I'm going to focus mainly on the guy-girl-guy love triangles, because those are the ones I've read the most of.)

I'm not saying I have anything against love triangles, because I don't, as long as it's not just a way to inject unnecessary angst into the story. Most love triangles I've read are well-written, and the girl that is caught in the middle of two suitors usually has a valid reason for wanting both. Those love triangles rock my socks off.

The only problem I have with love triangles is when THE GUY I LIKE DOESN'T WIN.


It rarely ever fails. Maybe I just have terrible taste in men, but whenever there's a love triangle, I am almost always disappointed with the outcome. Through the duration of the entire novel or series, I'm so vehemently rooting for this one guy against all odds, and all the while hoping the other one will go fall in a ditch or something. There are so many signs pointing to the girl and the dude I like ending up together, so I'm pretty hopeful that it's going to happen.

Then comes the deciding moment when she makes her decision of who she will be with... And I'm getting all excited because I'm like "Oh, for sure she is gonna pick this guy, because who the hell wouldn't? Stupid people that's who!" So I'm reading, and finally, the girl makes her choice.....

My reactions:

And then I get seriously depressed. Depending on how intensely I was into the story, I'll have varying degrees of sadness.

But then I start thinking on the bright side of things. If the girl didn't pick the guy that she should have, then she totally DIDN'T DESERVE HIM!

But still, whenever I think back on these love triangles that ended wrongly for me, I get a little teary-eyed.

Of course, not all of them ended badly. Peeta got Katniss, Dimitri got Rose, and plenty more couples that I shipped ended up together. And when that happens, I'm like this:

What's your opinion on love triangles?


  1. I barely read any books with Love triangles but the ones I do remember - I wanted Katniss to get with Gale. I wasn't a fan of Peeta's. And in Harry Potter I wanted Hermione to get with Krum.

    Those gifs are hilarious btw. :D

    ComaCalm's Corner

  2. LOLOLOL to the gifs.

    Our opinion? Love triangles are overdone, but when done WELL, they totally rock. Believe it or not, we think the Twilight triangle was really well done (in the first 3 books) because both guys were legitimate picks. They represented different aspects of Bella, different lives she could lead, and she had to make a choice.

    The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan is another example.

    And one of the oddest triangles we've read is in The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley (AMAZING book). We don't want to spoil it, but let's just say we were surprised.

  3. I kinda agree that love triangles are overdone. Occasionally I enjoy a story so much that I really get drawn into the love triangle. I have never read Forest of Hands and Teeth, but I was team Peeta that whole time.

    Loved the gifs.

  4. Hermione definitely should have gotten with Krum. Especially movie Krum. *fans self*

  5. Oh. my. goodness. LOVED the gifs!!

    I agree, I have similar reactions when the guy I'm rooting for doesn't get chosen. Though I will admit that unlike you, I have read numerous YAs with love triangles that were not artfully done. I think that's why I've become wary of them.

  6. This was hilarious, something completely different to simply reading a post(not that I don't love that).

    I love the triangles, but they rarely end up the way I want. Even when I write them the guy I want to win out sometimes doesn't. lol.

  7. LOL... LOVED the GIFs. I actually just posted about insta love with them... weird.

    I feel like in the beginning, I rooted more for the typical guy. Now I'm starting to like the other one! THIS IS NOT GOOD. Once all these trilogies end, I will be heartbroken.

    Oh well. At least then I can be all, "FINE. I'LL take him!"

    Awesome post! Made me laugh :)

  8. I love the Pikachu GIF! He is so cute.

    Love triangles. I try not to read books with a love triangle as the main plot. However, if it is not as in your face I am able to tolerate them.

    I have never really thought much about Hermione and Krum as a couple but now that I do I can see it working out.

  9. LOL on the amazing gifs!

    I have the same problem - the guy I always like never wins the girl. Except when it comes to Rose and Dimitri. I used to be a super fan of love triangles but nowadays they're not written write and distract the entire story.

  10. Oh my gosh...this is my favorite post ever. SO funny. First of all, I love gifs more than life itself, and second of all, girl...I HEAR you. I get so upset when the guy I like doesn't get the girl.

  11. Actually love this post. first, the gifs made me LOL :L and I completely get where your coming from! I try to explain to all my girlies and they just dont understand :O xxxx

  12. OMFG! i loved this post. It had me laughing so hard my sides hurt! and my opinion on the ever popualr YA love triangles? what kind of girl would want two handsom, funny and amazing men fighting over her?? *looks around and then slowly raises hand* THIS kinda girl *points at self* i am all for them. although i would like to see a few more love triangles where its a boy with two awesome and cool girls pinning for his heart because lets be real life having two men falling over there feet to be with u just isnt likely.
    once again..i loved the post! i found myself coming back to it over and over again yesterday to get alittle chuckle. YOUR AMAZING!


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