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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Self-Published Spotlight (1)

Today I'm spotlighting some great self published books that I've read. Self-published books rarely get the exposure that some of them deserve, so I hope that I can get at least one person to check out one of these books and support indie authors! :)

Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale by Ramona Wray
Pages: 254
Genre: YA Paranormal
About Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale
Like most girls at Rosemound High School, seventeen-year-old Lily Crane is acutely aware of Ryder Kingscott. Hands down the cutest guy in school, Ryder is cool, mysterious, and utterly untouchable…especially for Lily. For when she touches someone, Lily instantly learns all about their lives. And while such a skill might seem nifty, in truth it is wrecking Lily’s life.

So she is shocked when Ryder asks her out — and even more shocked to discover he has a rival. Lucian Bell is the gorgeous new kid who can’t take his eyes off of Lily. Being pursued by two hotties should make a girl happy, but Lily is skeptical. The boys act as if they’ve met before, hating each other with a passion that could only be rooted in a dark, dangerous past. A past full of terrible secrets. The kind of secrets that could get a girl killed.
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I loved Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale more than I can possibly say. It's got a sweet romance, a killer love triangle (literally), and some awesome paranormal elements that all come together with Ramona's witty and vivid writing. A definite recommendation!
Released by Megan Duncan
Pages: 260
Genre: YA Post- Apocalyptic
About Released
After a demon apocalypse kills their parents and everyone they know, 17-year old Abby Phillips, her brother, Carter, and friend, Max flee their home to travel through what has become the wastelands of America. When radio transmissions of a resistance offering shelter and safety cease, Abby is tempted to give up. Struggling to overcome life-threatening obstacles in their dangerous journey, Abby and her companions quickly discover there are much worse things lurking in the dark than they could have ever imagined.
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Released was way more intense than I expected! I was actually scared to read it at night, haha. The demons in this novel are blood-thirsty, and to stay alive you've gotta be smart and quick on your feet... and have plenty of ammo. If you like books that will have your heart pounding, then Released is a book for you!

Tempest by Holly Hook
Pages: 284
Genre: YA Paranormal
About Tempest
Life blows for sixteen-year-old Janelle. Ever since moving to Florida, she's been accidentally breaking people's arms just by touching them. And yanking steel doors off their hinges. Then her new crush, Gary, sees her gray spiral birthmark and tells her she's a Tempest. A person who can turn into a hurricane by touching the ocean. Like him. So that's why she feels ready to explode when she's at the beach. As if that's not lousy enough, all Tempests have to become storms once in their lives. It's their secret law...and it's Janelle's turn. And it's not long before the Tempest leader abducts her. Janelle's told that she's destined to become the worst hurricane ever. And now she's the main weapon in the Tempest leader's plot to hold the world ransom. No way can Janelle live with herself if she kills thousands. But using the power she fears most might be the only way out.
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Tempest was a really original book! It's not your typical paranormal... no vampires or werewolves in sight! Instead, the mythical creatures in this book are people that have the ability to turn into hurricanes. The problem? Our main character Janelle is the most powerful hurricane in the world, and there is someone that wants to use that power to gain control over the human race. I really loved Tempest!

What about you? Are there any self-published books that you really enjoyed? Tell me about them, so I can go check them out!
And what do you think of the ones I listed? Do they look good?


  1. Between the Lines by Tammara Webber is one self-published novel I really enjoyed. It's a YA contemporary about two teens that are starring in a movie that's a modern version of Pride and Prejudice. One character is a famous teen actor and the other is virtually unknown. I found it by accident and bought it on a whim. It was a fun weekend read :)

    Tempest looks really interesting.

  2. We love that you're spotlighting indies you loved! It's hard for the good ones to get attention sometimes, since they are fighting such a large crowd (and often a stigma against them). Thanks for pointing out some good ones for us!

  3. I've read my fair share of self-published novels and you get very surprised by how good they are. Great post. I haven't read any of these books but I'll definitely be checking them out.

  4. Thanks for featuring me, Ash :-) The post looks fantastic!

  5. My daughter is really fond of story books which are based on Angels, so I guess “
    Hex” will be handful for her; the review seems pretty good to. Always nice to read tale about Witch and Angel. Nice one, thanks for sharing.


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