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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'm Baaack!

Hello my lovely book readers.

I know I have said time and time again in the past year that I would get back to book blogging (those posts have since been deleted because it was clear they weren't true). This time, I'm serious. I failed the other times because I was having the worst reader's block of my life, so I didn't have anything to actually write about and I couldn't jump into any book. But, I have gotten back into the groove of reading, and I'm excited to have What's Your Story back in my life.

Hope you guys will be here with me. :) New things coming up tomorrow, and I'm going to try and start scheduling things so I have time to keep reading.

Quickly, though. Because I've been out of the blogging scene I have fallen so completely out of touch with new books. I have no clue what the latest genre trends are, or who are the standout debut authors and such. It's frustrating because I used to be so immersed in the book world and now I feel like an outsider again. If you guys have any recommendations, that would be awesome!

Love you guys!

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