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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hey guys!

Well, someone emailed me and kindly pointed out that since I titled my giveaway "Holiday", it was a broad term which encompassed all of the gift-giving holidays around that time. And they also brought to my attention that Three Kings' Day is on January 6th, and that the giveaway is in fact international. Three Kings' Day is only celebrated in certain countries. So, since it is international, it would only be fair to include all of the holidays. SO. In honor of that, I am extending the end date of the giveaway to January 6th. At 11:59 PM, the giveaway will end, and I will then pick a winner and announce it on January 7th.


Goblins, I hope no one hates me for this, but I felt that I needed to be fair, and this person made a very valid point.

Anyway, good luck to everyone! I'm just as eager to pick a winner as you are to win!

P.S. keep checking back for an update on the giveaway, because there might be a change in the line-up of the books being given. I'm going to make them better!

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