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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shrinking the TBR Pile #2

Over time, my TBR pile has grown to epic proportions that I can just barely contain. It has many amazing books that I would love to read, but since they’re all so great, I find it so hard to decide.


I have decided to number each book, then put pieces of paper with numbers on them in a bag, and every Sunday, I will pull out 3 numbers and those will be the books that I read that week. Hopefully. Of course, I won’t be confined to those 3 books, I could read more, in which case I would simply pull another number from the bag, and so on.

Last week, I the books I pulled were:
 Switch by Carol Snow
Old Magic by Marianne Hurley
Awakening by Cate Tiernan. 
Of these three, I only read Switch and Awakening. Old Magic will go back into my TBR pile.

Now for this week's drawing! And the numbers are:
105, 17, and 67.

The corresponding book are:
105-Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
17-Gamer Girl by Mari Mancussi
67-The Eternal Kiss by various authors.

Wow, this week was such a great pick! Definitely psyched to read these!

If you would like to join in on this activity, leave the link in the Mr. Linky! I would very much appreciate it if you also linked back to me as the host of the meme. Have fun picking your books!


  1. Well, I have read 2 out of 3 of this week's picks. Both Nightshade and The Eternal Kiss were good. I did enjoy Nightshade more but found that it took me an unusually long time to read it and I don't really know why. But then, I am not really a fan of short stories. I hope you enjoy both books.

  2. I have both Nightshade (which I plan to read real soon!) and Gamer Girl. Looking forward to seeing what you think of them! :)

  3. I just commented on Kapri's post what a brilliant idea this is. I'll definitely be participating sometime soon =)

  4. I would love it if you participated! :)

  5. Yay! Nightshade was epic!! I hope you enjoy!

  6. I really like this idea! I just checked out a huge pile of books from the library yesterday or else I'd participate this week. My TBR pile desperately needs to shrink (but it doesn't help that I keep going to the library!)


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