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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Book of Shadows by Cate Tiernan

Author: Cate Tiernan
Pages: 176
Publisher: Puffin
Genre: YA Paranormal
Source: Purchased
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Morgan thinks witchcraft is laughable when her best friend Bree drags her to a meeting of the Cirrus Coven. But during a cermony led by Cal, Morgan's long-time crush, Morgan feels a shock. Suddenly everything looks brighter, clearer. Morgan doesn't want to get involved with witchcraft-but she feels like witchcraft is choosing her.
I picked up this book because it was about witches, and witches are one of my favorite sub-genres in fantasy. But I was actually quite surprised when I read Book of Shadows. I was expecting a lot more fantastical aspects to it, but it was really the story of Morgan, who leads a relatively normal life until she finds out that she’s actually a blood witch.

After she finds out who she really is, her world is turned upside down. She has to rediscover who she thought she was, which was interesting to read. Everything she had previously believed in began slipping away, and she was left to put everything back together.

And then there’s Cal… Cal was just smoldering. Even if he was kind of a jack ass at some parts. I fell head over heels for him. I just thought that his persistence in going after Morgan was a little suspicious. But for right now, I think I can over look it.

There is just something in how Tiernan writes from the perspective of a teenage girl that made me really enjoy this book. As a teenage girl myself, I found it very easy to relate to Morgan, which is always extremely important to me. The writing was good, which made this a quick and wonderful read. I give this 4 out of 5 stars.


  1. I LOVE the Sweep series! It gets better and better as you go on! I love how real the situations and the feelings were in this one, it wasn't fantasy but something that could actually happen! I think that's what hooks me when it comes to this series.

  2. Another Sweep fan here.
    I literally fell in love with Book of Shadows and couldn't stop reading. And really, the characters are GREAT. I totally get why you gave 6 out of 5 points! :D


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