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Sunday, February 5, 2012

This in INDIE YA!

This March, I will be hosting a very special event called This is Indie YA. It is an event that I put together, featuring 31 indie/self-published YA authors and their novels. There are a variety of posts that will be going up. Here's the current line-up:

1st- Jodi Lamm {Author Interview + Giveaway}
2nd- Tiffany Lovering {Character Interview + Giveaway}
3rd- Aubrey Coletti {Character Interview + Giveaway}
4th- Sherry Soule {Character Quiz + Giveaway}
5th- Samantha Young {Author Interview + Giveaway}
6th- Ramona Wray {Guest Post + Giveaway}
7th- Veronica Blade {Character Interview + Giveaway}
8th- Jessie Harrell {Character Interview + Giveaway}
9th- Annie Oldham {Guest Post + Giveaway}
10th- India Lee {Author Interview + Giveaway}
11th- Susan Hatler {Author Interview + Giveaway}
12th- Brenda Pandos {Character Interview + Giveaway}
13th- AM Hargrove {Author Interview + Giveaway}
14th- Chelsea Fine {Author Interview + Giveaway}
15th- Heather Hildenbrand {Guest Post + Giveaway}
16th- Michelle Madow {GIVEAWAY!}
17th- Renee Pace {Author Interview + Giveaway}
18th- RaShelle Workman {GIVEAWAY!}
19th- Elle Casey {Guest Post + Giveaway}
20th- Karen Amanda Hooper {Author Interview + Giveaway}
21st- Laura Bradley Rede {Guest Post + Giveaway}
22nd- Addison Moore {Author Interview + Giveaway}
23rd- RJ Gonzales {Guest Post + Giveaway}
24th- E.J. Stevens {GIVEAWAY!}
25th- Megan Duncan {Character Interview + Giveaway}
26th- Tatiana Villa {Author Interview + Giveaway}
27th- Sarra Cannon {Author Interview + Giveaway}
28th- Cindy Hogan {Author Interview + Giveaway}
29th- Heather McCorkle {Character Interview + Giveaway}
30th- Ali Cross {Guest Post + Giveaway(?)}
31st- Michelle Muto {Author Interview + Giveaway}

So mark your calendars! There is so fantastic stuff coming your way! And, honestly, 31 days of giveaways is pretty nice too. ;)


  1. I'd like to give away my trilogy... The Dewey Deception, The Gutenberg Gambit and The Tamerlane Trap ... YA Puzzle-Solving Adventure Series. Is it too late?

  2. @Raplh, I'm sorry, but yes it's too late. All of the slots are already filled.

  3. Wow, this is amazing! This must have taken a lot of work to put together :)

    I look forward to it!


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