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Friday, January 6, 2012

Discussion: The Bad Boy & Why He's Hotter {told in gifs}

I am a firm supporter of Team Bad Boy. Whenever there is a love triangle, I INSTANTLY gravitate towards Tall, Dark, and Dangerous, because, well, why the heck would I would the nice guy, when I have this?:

You *know* you just fan-girled right now.
And really, the nice guys almost always do finish last for that simple reason. The bad boy is dangerous, provocative... he makes girls feel alive. The nice guy may be sweet, but, (and I'll let you in on a little secret, gentlemen) girls don't want sweet in a boyfriend. Save that for marriage, but right now I want spontaneity and just a little of that bad boy charm. I mean, COME ON:
Marlon Brando. <333333
It's no different in novels. Just think of your favorite book crushes. Are they nice guys, or the sexy and brooding bad boys? I know that when I think of mine, boys like Jace, Ren, Sin, Will, and Ash come to mind--and each of them is most definitely a Bad Boy. In the case of Jace, who is probably everyone's favorite bad boy, it's that sarcasm of his that's always underscored by some sexual innuendo. Also, the fact that he has perfect abs. That totally helps.

So why is the bad boy hotter? Well, because of the fact that he's a bit unpredictable. Am I right ladies? That and, generally, bad boys are sexier. What I mean by that is they know how to work their charisma, and they know exactly what buttons to push on a girl that will leave her breathless.

So what do I want to see more of in YA? Bad boys. And I'm talking, bad boys, not boys that have a 'reputation', but when they meet the female protagonist they become sweet little puppies. I want sexual tension, teasing, and mystery. I want sexiness and even a bit of that cocky attitude that, when used correctly, is a total turn on.

What say you ladies? Do you dig the bad boy?


  1. Yeaaaa! I just realized I liked all the bad boys more than the good ones. Theres Cam (Fallen), Ren, Luc (Personal Demons), etc. I love it how the bad boys fall in love and go soft on the girls! Makes me swoon. :DDD

    Awesome post!

  2. Honestly, I can't even deny it - I love bad boys. With occasional exceptions (like Cricket Bell in Lola & The Boy Next Door), it's been my personal experience that bad boys are just so much more... appealing ;)

  3. I TOTALLY agree! I find myself falling for the bad boys all the time! Like Patch, OMG I love him lol Awesome post!

  4. Oh heck yes I love the bad boys. My newest one being Beau Vincent since I just finished The Vincent Boys. Anyways bad boys always leave you curious and wanting more. Even when they make you mad they do it on purpose and you just can't help but want more. Bad boys are always unpredictable which is sexy. You have no clue what they will do or what will come out of their mouth. When they do something sweet you are left stunned and when they say something sweet it is with passion and real love. So yes I will always be attracted to the bad boy even though there are some exceptions.

  5. I don't know I'm very torn! Sometimes I love the bad boy like Nick from Demon's Lexicon; but with the Mortal Instruments I thought Jace was great but kept thinking: but Simon is such a sweetie! And he's hot! And he's nice! Go for Simon lol

  6. I don't get the bad boy thing at all, but this was funny anyway. I prefer the guy that's polite, will hold the door open and is too shy too stare at you without blushing. *swoon*
    Every girl is different though. And while I find bad boys entertaining and interesting characters most of the time, I generally root for the nice ones.
    I dunno, maybe I'm weird.


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