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Monday, November 21, 2011

Reiew: Lightbringer by K.D. McEntire

Lightbringer b K.D. McEntire
Pages: 300
Publisher: PYR
Genre: YA Paranormal

The Never is a place of greys, a world a breath beyond our own, layered just past the memories of yesterday and the fleeting present moment. It is here, in this dismal limbo, that ghosts such as Piotr, Lily, and Elle must sort out an existence, both protecting the children called Lost and themselves from the walking darkness that is the army of rotting Walkers.

Caught between her duty to her calling as the Lightbringer and her concern for her new ghostly friends, Wendy must walk the line between the two worlds, aiding Piotr in his fight against the Walkers as well as searching out the wandering soul of the one who means the most to her. Time, however, is running out and in the end... who will she choose?
World and mythology. Lightbringer is set both in our world, and in a place called the Never, where ghosts and souls dwell in a sort of limbo. These worlds overlap each other, and our main character Wendy has the power to see the Never. What's more, she has the special power to reap straggling souls and send them into the light, onto the true afterlife. The Never was a really interesting place, reminiscent of the Netherworld in the Soul Screamers series. At first, it's all a bit confusing because we're thrown into it without much explanation, but then we learn that there are different types of beings in the never, such as Walkers, Riders, and Lost. Riders are basically dead teenagers that guard the souls of the Lost, which are children that haven't crossed over into the light. Walkers are gruesome creatures that eat the souls of the Lost, at the cost of rotting and decaying into terrible creatures.Each of these plays an important part in the story, and it's interesting to see how things aren't always what they seem to be.

The characters. I liked the characters in Lightbringer, especially Piotr and Eddie, the former being a Rider and the latter being Wendy's best friend. Wendy herself ran a bit hot and cold with me, because she could be annoyingly snappy at times, pushing away the people that cared for her and tried to help her. I'm glad to say that romance wasn't a huge part for a change. I mean, it was there, but Wendy's main goal was to beat the White Lady and save the Lost. Plus, romance-wise, the ending was a bit sad. But there will be more books, so all hope is not lost!

Also, Piotr is Russian. Russian. That's totally sexy.

The villain. This is one of those 'I hated her so much that I loved her' moments. The antagonist of the story, which is the White Lady, was so absolutely disgusting. She's like the ultimate bad guy, because when it's revealed who she truly is, it's like a slap in the face. (Although I kind of guessed it a bit earlier) Towards the end, every word that came out of her mouth just ignited the ire in me even further. She was so absolutely horrendous that I had to appreciate just how much I hated her character. It's easy to love a character, but pretty difficult to make me honest-to-God loathe one. I know it sounds weird, but for that reason I loved the White Lady, because I hated her.

The pacing. The only thing I didn't really like in Lightbringer was the pacing. I felt like it just took too long to get the good parts. About 100 pages in was when it started to get really good, and even then it was still lagging a bit. I sometimes would skim the long descriptions in favor of the dialogue

Overall, Lightbringer was a great YA debut for K.D. McEntire. I will definitely be picking up the sequel, and if you're looking for a good, inventive story about your not-so-average ghosts, then Lightbringer is definitely for you. 3 out of 5 stars.


  1. ahhh I have my eye on this book, sounds interesting, nice review. I cannot wait to have this book on my hand. Thanks x


  2. I would have to add "the cover" to what I don't like. I just cringe every time I see this one. But I am interested in the book, based on what I've read about it, thank goodness! Great review!

  3. This is the first review I've read about this book and it sounds really interesting. I like the mythology you described. Thanks for the review!

  4. This looks very interesting. If this had anything like the Netherworld in Rachel Vincent's series, I have to check it out!


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