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Monday, April 18, 2011

Character Interview: Ryder and Lucian from Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale

First of all, hello boys! Glad to have you join me on the blog! Okay, onto the questions:
This one for Ryder. Describe the first thing you thought of Lily the first time you saw her. Did you somehow know that she would be the one? Was it love at first sight?

Hi Ashley. Thank you for having ... um (slants Lucian a disparaging glance) us over. (Smiles at me) Um, yeah, it was pretty much like you said, love at first sight. You see, Lily had been away for almost a year, looking after her sick aunt down in the south, and we hadn’t met yet. During that year I proposed to her sister —

(Lucian snorts, rolling his eyes. Ryder pauses) And what is your problem? (he asks Lucian)

Do you ever wonder how it might’ve been like if you had just married your fiancĂ©e?
(Lucian asks, smirking)

Ryder ignores him, turning back to me. As I was saying, yeah ... She came back home, we were introduced, I took one look at her, and I knew we were all in deep trouble. (He smiles) Turns out I was right.

Lucian, why are you such a jerk? More importantly, why are you such a hot jerk? If it doesn’t work out with Lily, (which I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t), I’m totally free. Call me anytime. ;-)

(Lucian turns on the charm faucet and bats his really long, eyelashes at me) Tsk, tsk, tsk... (shakes his head) Ashley, sweetheart, don’t you know anything? (Um, no, not really, when he looks at me like that) I’m hot because I’m a celestial being, pet. (Shrugs indifferently) But, I’m only half celestial, hence the jerk part. Besides, (fixes his eyes on me and, OMG, he is sooo hot!) girls don’t mind hot jerks (he’s almost whispering now. And still staring at me) You don’t mind I’m a jerk, now, do you? (Help! Air! Finally breaks eye contact, shrugging again. Phew!) You’re too much of a good girl for me, pet. (Grins playfully) You wouldn’t know what to do with me.

This next question is for the both Ryder and Lucian. How does it feel knowing that both of you are in love with the same girl?

(They both speak at the same time) Ryder: “I don’t care.” Lucian: “It sucks.” (They glare at each other) Ryder adds, “It doesn’t matter, Ashley. Lily made her choice.” (He smiles, sweet and warm.)

Lucian hisses, “Sometimes, piddling meat, minds are only made up to be changed.”

Ryder smiles confidently, “Then it’s too bad that Michael sent you to gaga land and threw away the key, isn’t it?” (Lucian looks like he’s ready to do some damage, so I have to intervene)

Lucian, if you could become a human, would you? Why?

You mean, would I give up my angelic powers to be with Lily? (Talk about being direct! And again ... with the intense eye contact) In a heartbeat. For any other reason? Not in a million years. Humans are (he grimaces, then points at Ryder) well, they’re like him (he says dismissively. Ryder just shakes his head)

Ryder, if somehow Lily never came back again, would you find someone else to love?

Honestly, I don’t think I’d be anywhere in this world if Lily wasn’t a part of it. I was born to love her. You know what I mean? (Oh, my knees are so weak!)

All right boys, our time is almost up, so I have one more question: Do you think, assuming the circumstances were different, the two of you might not hate each other so much?

(Again they both answer at the same time.) Ryder: “Not a chance!” Lucian: “Sure. I could always hate his guts more.” (They’re glaring again and I think I’ll go because the tension in this room is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Bye now.)


Thank you SO MUCH to Ryder and Lucian for stopping by, and to Ramona for, well, for being her. :)))

Where to find Ramona:

About Ramona Wray
I was brought up in Romania by my grandparents, a couple of fantastic storytellers who filled my childhood with magic and stories about witches (vrajitoare), vampires (vampiri), fairies (iele or zane) and so much more. I grew up with a strong sense of the supernatural and from that to sitting down at a desk and crafting my own fantastic tales was only a small step, which I took early. I wrote poetry, even a few novels, short stories and essays, some of which occasionally appeared in the local newspapers. 

The fall of the Communist bloc in 1989 brought about a great deal of change in Romania. To this day, the younger generations have welcomed and continue to welcome the opportunity to work and live abroad. It was what I chose for myself as well. 

Ten years later, I'm married, mother to one little boy and currently living in Plymouth. For the past decade I lived in a few places, traveled to a few others, and learned, and adapted, all the while searching for a place to fit in. There has been a lot of change, but the important things stayed the same. They usually do...I never stopped writing, no matter where I went or what I did. Switching from Romanian to English has taken some time, but today I couldn't even imagine going back. It's important to chase our dreams, no matter what stands in the way, and the only way to do it is by moving forward. Always forward. 

I read, write (and sometimes even breathe) YA fiction and my own contribution to the genre comes in a blend of romance, paranormal, and thriller. My first published novel, Hex, a witch & angel tale, is both a supernatural romance and a mystery. 

What I love: books (I read at least one every week), languages (I speak a few), ballet (and ballroom dancing, and any other kind of dancing with the exception of Russian Kazachok which, as it turns out, can result in serious injuries), vampires (as any other respectable Romanian) and pie (to make, eat and share). 
What I'm grateful for: my soft-spoken husband, my beautiful son, my loving family, my wonderful friends from all over the world and for being alive.


  1. So help me, I think my loyalties may have just been sucked into Lucian's territory. Damn you, for being such a hot jerk Lucian! *shakes fist*

    Ha, loved the interview with the boys! Fantastic questions and answers. Made me laugh :) And also makes me want to go reread Hex!

  2. lol! Great interview!! I loved even more the boys of possible!!!!!!

  3. GREAT interview! So funny. :) Love this.

  4. lol love this interview!! I think I loved Lucian more in the story and found Ryder to be more of the jerk but that may just have been me. I do tend to fall for the bad guys ha


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