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Friday, July 10, 2009

Just Another Manic.... Friday.

Heylo my chickee-poos! I'm so unnecessarily excited to say that I have already posted 5 reviews! FIVE! Yeah, I know, that's peanuts to the big dogs like The Story Siren (LURVE her blog... amazing) but it's something for lil ol' me who is so new to this realm of infinite joy. I mean, thousands of people talking about books. BOOKS! I'm in love.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish people a happy second half of the summer. Can you believe it's already almost over? Gosh, I want to break down into sobs.

I also want to thank anyone who reads my blog! I know I'm not that exciting, even if I do wear a tiara to school and design and make my own clothes and ramble on about nothing and such. I am horribly dull. Thank you for bearing me.

With hearts and huggles,


  1. Yay Lolli! You wear a tiara to school, really? Sweet :)

    Noooo- summer's almost over? *sniffle* I don't wanna go to school *pouts*

    Thanks for that title BTW- now The Bangles will be singing over and over in my head :P


  2. Yeah, I do. And just generally out of the house. Any where I go, really. People are like, "It's your birthday?"

    I know! I want it to go forever! But then again, I love my school!

    Lol. Who DOESN'T love that song, though?

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