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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Book Review: To Seduce a Witch's Heart by Nadine Mutas @NadineMutas

To Seduce a Witch's Heart by Nadine Mutas 
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
#1 in Series
Source: Purchased on Amazon
When seduction weaves a spell more powerful than magic...
Desperate to save her demon-abducted sister, witch Merle MacKenna breaks the law of her Elders. As a last resort to track down the kidnapper, she unleashes another demon, Rhun, from the magical prison of the Shadows. Determined to bind him again after he helps her, Merle vows to keep him tightly controlled. Easier said than done when her own personal demon is hellbent on charming his way into her pants – and her heart.

After twenty years in the Shadows, bound for a crime he didn’t commit, Rhun is past caring about anyone but himself. The plan: Seduce the sexy witch, steal her powers, break the magical leash to her, and then be on his merry way. But when a heinous betrayal in the ranks of the witches forces Merle and Rhun to work even closer together, Rhun’s plan backfires – and the witch he meant to play gets under his skin. With his unbidden feelings for Merle vying with his need for freedom, he struggles with a bitter realization: Being a selfish bastard is a lot harder when love is involved.

Warning: Includes lots of witty banter and snarky humor, as well as a charmingly disrespectful demon hero who's hot enough to melt panties with a look.

It's actually been a few years since I forayed into adult paranormal romance, and I'm incredibly glad that To Seduce a Witch's Heart was my first reintroduction to the genre. I happened upon the book by chance through an ad on Facebook, and since I now have a 45 minute train ride commute to and from work, I figured it would be something good to occupy my time. However, my plan backfired... I read the entire book within two hours of downloading it.

Where to begin? I suppose we'll start with the obvious--the romance. Now, I'll be honest and say that the trope I really never liked in romance novels was insta-love; actually knowing the time and effort it takes to truly fall in love with someone makes me want to yell "NO YOU DON'T" when the characters undoubtedly say they love each other after a couple days of knowing each other. However, I can honestly say that I didn't have this issue with To Seduce a Witch's Heart--even though there was some slight insta-love. I think it stems from the fact that Mutas is one hell of a romance writer, and from the start created some of the best character chemistry I've ever read. I believed in Rhun and Merle's love because of its intensity and the masterful way Mutas crafts her stories to create such a deep relationship even in a short amount of time. I count that as an incredible win for this book, because I truly enjoyed every minute of Merle and Rhun's steamy interactions, and I was so invested in their romance as those feelings developed.

One thing I'm a total sucker for is good lore in an urban fantasy novel. While I don't think Mutas was able to really flesh out the magical aspect of her book's reality, and instead opted for fleshing out the romance more, I was definitely impressed by the groundwork laid and am looking forward to the hopeful expansion of the urban magical world in the future books in the series.

I love love loved Mutas' writing style. It was witty and very descriptive without ever venturing into the territory of "purple prose", and the characters she created were all very fun to read. When it comes to sex scenes, there's a way to do them well and a way to do them completely cringe-worthy. I am so happy to report that Nadine Mutas is a master at writing steamy scenes that will definitely having you feeling some good tingles. No awkward sex scenes to be found here.

Do I recommend this book? To that I respond with a resounding heck yeah. If you're 18+ in age, snap this book up!

Amazon: Paperback | Kindle

About the Author
Polyglot Nadine Mutas has always loved tangling with words, whether in her native tongue German or in any of the other languages she’s acquired over the years. The more challenging, the better, she thought, and thus she studied the languages of South Asia and Japan. She worked at a translation agency for a short while, putting to use her knowledge of English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Hindi.
Before long, though, her lifelong passion for books and words eventually drove her to give voice to those story ideas floating around in her brain (which have kept her up at night and absent-minded at inopportune times). She now writes paranormal romances with wickedly sensual heroes and the fiery heroines who tame them. Her debut novel, Blood, Pain, and Pleasure, has won several awards for excellence in unpublished romance, and she’s furiously working on the next installments in the Tales of Blood and Magic series.
She currently resides in Oregon with her college sweetheart, beloved little demon spawn, and two black cats hellbent on cuddling her to death (Clarification: Both her husband and kid prefer her alive. The cats, she’s not so sure about.).

Website | Twitter | Facebook
This book was purchased by me with my own money for personal use. All views expressed above are solely my own.


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