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Sunday, July 1, 2012

3rd Blogoversary! And Giveaway!

Happy Blogoversary to me!

Yes, it's my 3rd blogoversary. Actually it was June 28th, but I was on hiatus then, so I'll celebrate now.

I love this blog, so very much. When I started it, I actually had no idea what I was doing, or where I wanted it to go. Three years later, I find myself just as lost, and yet I love it. This blog is just something that makes me happy to do, and somewhere along the lines I lost track of that. Taking this month long hiatus has really helped me come back to myself blogging-wise, and has reminded me why I started this blog.

Because I freaking love books.

So I'm going to talk about them.

I usually don't make big deals about blogoversaries, but to say thank you to all of my followers, I'm giving away ten envelopes with swag in them. They're already pre-packaged, with lots of fun goodies!
There are 10 of them! So 10 winners!

To enter, just leave a comment below saying why you love YA, or if you're a blogger, why you love blogging. Remember to leave your email!



  1. Hi! I think this is a really cool giveaway! Congrats on your Blogoversary!

    Since I'm new to blogging, I'll answer both questions.

    Why I love blogging about YA: It's a way to release my thoughts. There aren't a lot of people for me to talk to about books. If I say to my mom "Oh my gosh! This character just died and it's just so horrible and tragic" she'd be like "whatever." Blogging is a way to express, in a more professional sort of way, how I feel about books. And the people who read them typically understand what I'm talking about.

    Why I love YA: Um, how could you not? For one, the books I've read have inspired me to become a writer and blogger. The books are a whole other world that I live in. Do you know how hard it is, sometimes, to remind yourself that what you're reading isn't real, that the characters don't exist? It's hard; there are so many characters that I would just LOVE to meet. Reading is an escape from everything, an escape into a whole new world. And I LOVE it.

    Thanks again!

  2. YAY! :D Happy belated birthday and 3rd blogoversary :D <3 I love YA because I am a teen myself, and I love reading books about them. Still haven't read an adult book. Maybe once I get older. Maybe ;p I just adore YA books. <3 Am also a book blogger. :) I love blogging because I love writing reviews and sharing my thoughts on books.
    Love, Carina ~

  3. I love blogging, because I can get my thoughts and observations about different things out into the world in a controlled way. I also enjoy blogging because there's a great blogging comunity out there that's very helpful and supportive of others.

    Happy Blogoversary!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway :)
    From Natalie

  4. Happy Blogoversary

    I love blogging because i love books and i love to share the ones i love

    all the best


  5. Hey, Ashleigh, this looks like such a unique giveaway: and I'm glad you've found something to do with all of your swag! :D

    I've only just started blogging, but the reason I'm doing it, is because I just want to share my thoughts with people, to help them find some new and interesting books that they might not necessarily read otherwise. Yes, I do a lot of YA, but I also do older books, underrated books and adult, and few people do that. There are very few people who diverge into numerous genres, and the fact that I -might- be able to help them do that makes me very happy indeed.

    Young Adult is perhaps one of my favourite genres, because of how diverse and unique it is, in that it incorporates many other genres and yet still -feel- like Young Adult. There's so much fantasy, supernatural and contemporary sub-genres in YA and it just makes every YA reading experience completely different. It's always a treat.

    Happy blogoversary, Ashley!
    Here's to many more years!



  6. I'm a blogger and I absolutely LOVE blogging and reading young adult fiction.

    I started my blog because I'm like every other blogger - I LOVE books and reading. I'd always been a big reader, but none of my friends really wanted to talk about books or listen to me ramble about other book-ish things. Thus, my blog was created! It was an easy outlet to talking to other book-lovers about every related to books! It makes it so easy to communicate with other bloggers, authors, and even publishers!

    The reason why I read young adult is because I AM a young adult. I guess my story won't be as interesting compared to the 30-year-olds who are still reading young adult (which I think is simply AWESOME, must I add). I read young adult because I find it easy to relate to, and it doesn't have as intense of romance compared to some adult novels. I just find them much more interesting!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    -Alexis, the Literature Lion
    alexisneuville23 (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Oh wow, 3RD!! That's HUGE! Congrats! You've done a phenomenal job. :)

  8. Congrats on 3 years!

    I love YA because it allows me to relive the parts of my own teenage years that I'd like a do-over on. Also, because I find most of them to be very well-written!

    I love blogging because I love sharing books. I love it when someone tells me that they picked up a book because of one of my reviews. Totally makes my day!

    Happy 3rd!


  9. Congrats on three years! That is epic. I am glad the hiatus reminded you of why you love this blog and the community so much. Reading is what brings us all together, and that is what I love so much about blogging. The community of book bloggers is amazeballs and I truly feel at home.


    P.S. I see OWLS on your envelopes!

  10. I love blogging because I love being able to customize my site. I could spend all day fiddling with HTML and messing with graphics. I love making videos because I love the interactions that it generates. I love hearing peoples thoughts on whatever I'm talking about. I love YA because....I don't know actually.... I just love it lol.

    Happy Blogoversary!

  11. Happy Semi-B-Lated 3rd Blogoversary!!! I love young adult fiction because it has always spoken to me :)


  12. I love blogging because I love sharing my opinion on certain books/publishers/authors. It's something I've done for a while and blogging is like a part of me now :)
    Happy Blogoversary!!!
    bookgeeksbookclub AT gmail DOT com

  13. Congrates!! I love blogging and meeting new friends in the book community and reading YA is amazing. I love being able to lose myself in stories ;)

  14. First off I want to thank you for the awesome giveaway. The reason I love YA books is because you get to never grow up, stay yourself and go on awesome adventures. I love blogging because it is a freeing release to get your feelings out about what you read and other fun book related stuff. =]
    Here is the link to my blogoversary if you want to check it out. =]

  15. Forgot to put my email. =]

  16. I love reading YA fiction because it's easier to connect with the people in these type of stories instead of adult types of books.

  17. Congrats on your blogoversary!
    I love both YA and adult; I love the stories in YA and the way your hormones get in the way of everything and how there are so many crossroads because you're always sitting on the cusp of something.

  18. I forgot to put in my email!

    karen.wapinski at gmail dot com

  19. Wow what a really cool and unique giveaway. I love the mystery of it. I am only an avid reader who seriously loves YA. I read this genre because I can easily relate to the characters. Mostly they are a little younger but even though I'm 22 I still feel younger at heart. Now authors are tackling the realistic issues of swear words, drinking, sex, abuse, suicide, and I see those as important to readers because this happens in everyday life and especially teens who should be aware even if they don't do those things. I think YA is really important because books can send messages and inspire people. Congratulations on your 3 year blogoversary I look forward to your posts.

  20. I love getting stuck in the world that the authors created in their books!!!! and so now i am blogging about that :)
    Happy Blogoversary!!!

    lmarste at yahoo dot com

  21. I started blogging because I loved books and I wanted to talk about them, but I stayed because of the community. It has become such an amazing experience. I love talking to my fellow bloggers about an interest we all have in common. It really is my out because even though I have friends that like to read, no one understands me other than other bloggers.

    Congrats on three years, and thanks for the giveaway! I love swag!

    bookfanatics at rocketmail dot com

  22. Hi, thanks for the giveaway. I love blogging because I love reading and showing what I think and feel about a book. I love it when my followers email me or when I get a new follower because it makes me feel so good and acomplished. This is why I love blogging.

  23. I love blogging because I get to meet all kinds of awesome people plus I get a chance to read cool new books that I would never have been able to read if I hadn't started. It's a really good experience for teenagers =)

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  24. Congrats on 3 years!!! :) and thanks for the aweseom giveaway <3

  25. i love ya because i feel for my age group its more relatable and it spreads your imagination.

  26. I love YA because it puts me in a whole other world that I would love to be apart of. I mean, who wouldn't want to get the bad boy or hang out with an angel? There are endless possibilities! And because it's YA, not adult novels, it can be relatable.

  27. You emailed me saying I won but you never emailed me back and I haven't gotten anything in the mail. Just checking to see if you sent these yet. =]



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